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International conferences, meetings, invited talks at seminars.



Conference Place
Jun 6-9 CECAM workshop "Beyond Kd's: New computational methods to address challenges in drug discovery"
Lausanne, Switzerland
Apr 10 "MD in Pharma" Symposium
London, UK



Conference Place
Oct 26-28 5th RDKit UGM Basel, Switzerland
Jul 4-6 7th Joint Sheffield Conference on Cheminformatics Sheffield, UK
May 19-20 Workshop on Kinetics and Markov State Models in Drug Design Cambridge, USA
May 16-18 Workshop on Free Energy Methods in Drug Design Boston, USA
Apr 4-7 CECAM workhop "Beyond point charges" Lausanne, Switzerland
Mar 14-17 251th ACS National Meeting
San Diego, USA
Feb 5 Spring Meeting SACC
Bern, Switzerland
Jan 19
Invited talk, Massey University
Auckland, New Zealand


Date Conference Place
Oct 21
Invited talk, VU Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 19-23 Practical Course in Biomolecular Modelling Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 4-7 Forbes "30 Under 30" Summit Philadelphia, USA
Sep 9-11 25th Int. Biomos Symposium Ausserberg, Switzerland
Sep 2-4 4th RDKit User Group Meeting Zürich, Switzerland
Aug 16-20 250th ACS National Meeting Boston, USA
Jun 3 Young Faculty Meeting Bern, Switzerland
May 24-28 Regional Meeting of the Biophysical Society of Brazil Natal, Brazil
May 18-22 Advanced School for Biomolecular Simulation Recife, Brazil
May 14-16 Bunsentagung Bochum, Germany
Apr 23 Invited talk, University Hamburg Hamburg, Germany
Apr 22 Invited talk, Ruhr University Bochum Bochum, Germany


Date Conference Place
Oct 22-24 3rd RDKit User Group Meeting
Darmstadt, Germany
Sep 8-10 24th Int. Biomos Symposium Ausserberg, Switzerland
Aug 10-14 248th ACS National Meeting San Francisco, USA
Jun 1-5 10th Int. Conference on Chemical Structures (ICCS) Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
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