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Update: Jun 16, 2017
When: Wednesdays, 10:30 - 11:30h, every week
Where: HCI G241
What: One 20-minute talk

Guidelines for the group talk seminar can be found in the intranet (login required).

Dates markes in bold are additional seminars (not on Wednesdays).

P: Project, L: Literature

Date Name Title
26 Apr Philippe Hünenberger (L) Electronegativity equalization and split-charge equilibration methods
3 May Wilfred van Gunsteren Interpretation of Seemingly Contradictory Data
10 May
Dominik Sidler (L) Divergent Diffusion Coefficients in Simulation of Fluids and Lipid Membranes
17 May Dave Sept (University of Michigan) Development of multi-site ion models and their use in ion-channel simulations
24 May
Robin Lingwood (Semesterarbeit) Analysis of Membrane Permeability of Cyclic Decapeptides with MD-Simulations and MS Modeling
31 May Kay Schaller (Semesterarbeit) Testing QM derived Partial Charges on Thermodynamic Properties
7 Jun   no seminar
13 Jun Benjamin Schroeder (University of Tübingen) Constant pH Simulation
14 Jun Ilias Nikolakopoulos (ETH) Clinker Simulation
21 Jun Luzi Barandun Pymol session
27 Jun Sabrina Jaeger (University of Heidelberg)  
28 Jun

Annick Renevey (P)




Patrick Bleiziffer (L)


Testing the ATCG-2016 interaction with proteins and membranes


Machine Learning Methods in Density Functional Theory

5 Jul

Lennard Böselt (Masterarbeit Part 1)

Jane Allison (Massey University)

12 Jul Jagna Witek (L)  
19 Jul Alzbeta Kubincová (P)  
26 Jul
  no seminar
2 Aug   no seminar
9 Aug   no seminar
16 Aug Marina Pereira Oliveira (P)  
23 Aug Pavel Oborsky (P)  
30 Aug   no seminar
6 Sep Mikhail Shein (Semesterarbeit)
13 Sep   no seminar (Biomos Symposium)
20 Sep David Hahn (P)  
27 Sep Vojtech Spiwok (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague) Free-Energy Prediction with the Flying Gaussian Method
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